Happy Earth Day: Spring is always true to its Self-No matter what!

“April showers bring May flowers.”

It’s that time again—despite the “crazy” weather of the past two weeks. In the space of a fifteen minute window it hailed hard and fast, followed by sheets of sideways rain, and then the dark grey clouds dissipated, leaving snowy white clouds hanging in a bright blue sky. And within minutes the birds that had taken cover returned and scouted the grass and soil—knowing worms would be coming up for a breath of air from water-drenched soils.

The weather can’t yet seem to make up its mind but Spring comes in spite of the weather—being true to its Self.

Nature knows how to be it Self (with so little effort) and we would be WISE to take a cue from Mother Nature and let her teach us wisdom—yet again—

In our manic busy-ness and drive to finish things and be productive – mode, (see our featured blog on Hyper-Efficiency: have you got a case of it?) we may be tempted to forget that we are a part of Nature. Eager to reach our goals we may  have created our own reality in the form of a world of deadlines which we keep working on until we “Feel-good-about-ourselves.”  Let us ponder for a moment how Nature views this process.

Moments of crazy weather are followed by new beauty.

From frozen soil warmed by sun and watered by rainfall comes the next season’s gift. Spring flowers do not think much about “feeling good about them Self” (our second featured term and concept) for they know they simply ARE and have a right to BE. They experience the weather changes  simply as one catalyst causing what is naturally next, with seemingly effortless transitions—without worry or attachment—being totally in Direct  Relationship with their-Self (a featured term this month).They bloom where they are planted. Why is it such a challenge for some of us humans to do as much?

With a healthy Sense of Self, we too, can see the cycle of developing as a human being as a path that leads us through the seasons. It then is a journey that occurs NATURALLY; experienced as an adventure with occasional storms we take cover from—emerging when the rainbow signals the all clear.

Happy Earth Day from all of us @HySoS!



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