Are You Ready to Release Your Addiction to Approval?

approval-seeking behavior

How do you know if you are struggling with approval-seeking behavior? If you feel stuck in your personal and/or professional life, it may partially be due to approval-seeking behavior or an “addiction to approval.” Are you reliable? Flexible? What about caring, confident, and assertive? Do you play well with others? Whether the approval of others…

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8 Ways to Let Go of Your Stress and Anxiety


Do you ever stress about how to overcome anxiety? Stress happens to everyone. And things sure can get overwhelming when you start delving into the root causes of anxiety. But talking about it with someone, building healthy relationships, and learning to recognize your own internal voice are all valuable actions that can help develop a…

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The allegory of The Castle of Enmeshment

Far away, in a country hidden in a valley covered by fog, lies a village called Struggletown. It’s a village like any other and most villagers live a reasonably happy life: they work, do what needs to be done and on the weekends they usually find small pockets of time to do what they truly…

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