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Insomnia, a blessing disguised as a curse

Insomnia interferes with a lot in your life but it is also a great way to get to your real self (I experienced). As such it is a blessing disguised as a curse….I have a long history of “perceived Loss/Lack of Sense of Self if not professionally active”, to the point of 20 years of…

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An Effective Tool to Help You Overcome Insomnia

overcome insomnia

To function properly with whole health and to overcome insomnia, it’s of utmost importance that we get rid of that addictive part in our Self that craves validation/acknowledgment. Living up to those conditions is the one and only thing that makes us feel somewhat satisfied with ourselves.   We are so used to taking other…

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On insomnia

Do you suffer from severe or ongoing insomnia? Are you ready to consider that the ultimate cause might actually be an unhealthy ‘Sense of Self’ you developed in childhood? That turned out to be true for me. Check it out! The inability to fall asleep or stay asleep is an occasional problem for some people,…

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