The Healthy Sense of Self Quiz!

Looking to reduce stress, enhance creativity and productivity in yourself, your family, or your clients?

At Healthy Sense of Self we offer our clients tools to live a life with less stress and more creativity, productivity.

Healthy Sense of Self is a Method that positively transforms:

  • How you respond to challenges big and small;
  • What the motivation is for the choices you make personally and professionally;
  • Your relationship with others and the one with your Self.

Get started right now! Find out how healthy your Sense of Self is by taking our 90-second quiz.

Quickly rate each statement: "True" for "Yes, this is really me!", "Partly" for "This is partly how I am" and "False" for "This is probably not how I am".

  • Respond to the following statements being honest with yourself and answering from your current point of view. Are these statements in present time true, false, or partly so?
  • Now that we have come to the end of the Healthy Sense of Self Quiz, please enter your name and email for your results.