Affirmations for Children: May You Know Love

This Post is dedicated to the Children and the Child in all of us–that deserve to be allowed to be loved for existing.

Meet my Poetic and Parental Self at my most spontaneous best.

What is the most important thing you can give your kids?


Emotional Security?

A Good Education?

Financial Security?

This question was asked by a friend of mine, who works in service to children day in and out. Margit Crane of Gifted Teens, Gifted Parents, who is herself a counselor and coach to Teens with ADD and their families.

She posed a question to her community, and I am in that pond, so I answered:

I ultimately chose one but commented: “Hard to select one only…I’m drawn to resilience as the foundation for having all the others in time. But then I think well that is grounded in emotional security. The seeds of resilience lie in emotional security, yes, that is it.”

To the children already in the world and those who come some time in the future,  I compose the following heartfelt and spontaneous affirmations for you and your parents to use as often as you will and can:

Child of mine, may you know deep love from the moment you are conceived.

Child of mine, may you grow to be emotionally secure and unstoppable in your creative expression always.

Child of mine, may you be supported through all stages of your growth and development.

Here is the bottom line as it relates to cultivating one’s Healthy Sense of Self; with help from parents who may or may have not gotten all that they needed as children themselves:

May you know love and feel supported to fly from this nest created for you long before you were born. And may you sense the presence of love all the days of your being of the earth.

What are the affirmations you tell the children in your life? Or the ones you heard as a child? Were there ones you wanted to hear that you make a point of using now?

And learning to be ourselves, love ourselves,  and cultivating a Sense of Self and loving what we become–is a journey worth taking.


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