Thought of the Day, September 7, 2013

Indirect motivation is a concept that many people have never heard about. Yet, being able to identify it gives you tremendous power to change your life from being its slave into being its master.

If you know why you do what you do you have a tool that works miracles. Can you spot the depth of the difference between these two stories:

I make sure to be on time in class,

A. because I hate to miss the beginning section in which is explained what the class is about (Direct Motivation)

B. because I feel so bad and am so ashamed when I am late again, and I hate to feel that way about myself! (Indirect Motivation)

Direct Motivation is healthy – Indirect motivation is not.  With Indirect Motivation we try to repair something that went wrong in the past by doing something differently in the present. It does not make sense; yet, it uses all your energy in such a way that there is nothing left for YOU!Terminology: Indirect Motivation

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