Today September 19, 2012 Release Preview SoS Text Book

Released today on Amazon! PREVIEW BOOK OF THE BIG SOS Method -TEXTBOOK

SOS stands for Sense of Self.
You need it in order to fully be yourself.
The SoS Method gives you insight in what  really motivates people and YOU in particular.

On my way to getting my Sense of Self Method published I have here first a much smaller booklet that allows you to assess whether this Sense of Self Approach is what could help you gain insight in what you can do about your problems or pains. It gives you a tool to find out whether you have a Healthy Natural Sense of Self and are not in need of learning what it means to have a Substitute Sense of Self.  Or you may become aware that there are reasons to believe you are dependent on a Substitute Sense of Self which could be the cause of your specific issues.  Depeding on a Substitute Sense of Self for your self-experience can cause problems in various areas of life: health- relationship- addiction; it can cause parenting problems and learning issues for children; co-dependency, (domestic-) violence, suicide, self-sabotage, fear of failure just to name a few.  You can  download here the PDF file for free or buy ($7)  a pretty printed version on Amazon.
Best wishes for a Healthy Sense of Self!

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