Two Dutch Holistic Psychologists … PK2 Selfmanagement!

Paul Kortman and Peter Kemperman are Dutch Holistic Psychologists who have an active practice in the environment of The Hague in the Netherlands, where they guide their clients into Self-knowledge.

“Self-knowledge is a tool against dysfunction and disease” is what they stand for. In order to heal, a person needs to get insight and understanding of what goes on in their own organism. “What body, mind and psyche express is the result of the degree of integrity you are able to apply in manifesting your blueprint. In other words: how true are you being to your Self?”

“Next to the actual ailment or dysfunction our clients consult us for most people get extra’s when we coach them. There are unexpected positive side effects.” As an example Kortman and Kemperman quote the experience of a Manager in a Multinational who consulted them to improve his communication skills. After an intervention of 3 days he left the practice with not only an increased charisma during his presentations but within 3 months the chronic sinusitis that had been bothering him for years had disappeared.

Practicing Holistic Psychological is a recently emerging phenomenon. I am honored to link to my Blog and soon also to my website (english version under construction) the site of Paul Kortman and Peter Kemperman as practicing holistic psychologists. Although we have developed our knowledge and insights totally independently from each other it seems that we cover much of the same topics in much of the same way. This might be taken as a sign that our conclusions are relevant specifically for this day and age.

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