Unhealthy Teens May Face Education, Employment Hardship

Unhealthy TeensAccording to a study release June 22, teenagers who face mental health problems could grow up to be adults who struggle in the work place.

While the study does not make any definitive conclusions about the connection, it does prove that there is a relationship between certain health factors and overall educational and, therefore, occupational, outcomes later in life.

A co-author of the study and researcher at the University College London Institute of Child Health in England, Leonardo Bevilacqua, told CBS News that “this research suggests that people with health conditions may be more likely to be socially excluded, potentially due to stigmatization or a lack of social contact with peers, which has a negative impact on their educational development.”

He also told CBS that “chronic health conditions and particularly mental health conditions contribute substantially to education and employment outcomes.”

The study reviewed 27 other studies in which teens with and without mental health problems were reviewed and compared with the occupational and educational status of those same individuals as adults.

Researchers claim the most common conditions looked into in this new study, published to Pediatrics, were depression, general conduct disorder, ADHD, anorexia, anxiety and other psychiatric disorders.

CBS reports that experts from the study all pointed out that there are a lack or resources to help parents help their teens address their mental health needs in the proper way. If are seeking additional resources for your teen, talk to your child’s doctor about available options in your area, and for additional help getting the conversation started with your teen about mental health, check out our Guide Journal to a Healthy Sense of Self.


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