WHO is the Great Leader in your life?

When you’re not allowed to express anything in the open, you become good at reading what is unspoken. In one of their personal letters to me, a student wrote that he understood why I always called them gentlemen. It was because I was wishing them to be gentle in life, he said. ~ Suki Kim,  Writer “Without You, There Is No Us: My Time with the Sons of North Korea’s Elite”

The most striking thing about this TED Talk  is how blatant is the fact that if you are born in North Korea, you will spend your life glorifying the Great Leader.

Suki Kim spent all her time for an intensive six months with these young gentlemen who were not allowed to be themselves.

Culturally it was expected.  Not just by parents but also by the voice of authority–their Great Leader.

Your life will be about answering to and supporting the Great Leader.

Your life is not your own to live.

Your life is about devotion to a person outside of your self.

Makes me wonder, WHO is the Great Leader in your life?

If it isn’t YOU, may we suggest that you make it so. Do what that takes.

Here is one resource to assist you in that worthwhile venture.

We welcome your feedback, your questions, and your participation in creating your own life at whatever your age.

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  1. Annet Vogels on June 26, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    I like where you are comparing the topic of this TED talk with: subconsciously your great leader may be your father or your mother. If you are raised by them for many years they are part of your DNA. Well they are. But it is OK if it supports you as who you are but sometimes you are still battling to prove them wrong about you – even you don’t know that is what you are doing!! Good way into this painful subject.

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