Announcing: The Pilot Online Course has begun!

Who Wants a Good Night Sleep No Matter What?

After several wonderful months of collaborating with the HySoS team, the pilot course of the Online Course: Do you have what it takes to be yourself? has launched!

Note: We’re not currently accepting new pilot participants but registered students can access the course here.

As of last Friday, a dozen plus participants begin a sample of four weeks of first lessons, designed to introduce them to three key ideas:

  • A Healthy Sense of Self is important to live your own life, but do you have one?
  • A Lack of Sense of  Self leads you to becoming addicted to approval, and to what extent are you?
  • And, Restoring a Sense of Self is possible if you are willing to take a deep look inside; are you interested?

The course activities and key learning concepts are based on the Healthy Sense of Self Theory and the Method developed by HySoS founder and chief advocate, Antoinetta Vogels–who overcame over two decades of insomnia that appeared out of the blue.

Insomnia–that she had never had before–threw a mysterious monkey wrench into her plans to return to work as a professional musician after the birth of her first daughter and on her terms.

What is your version of this story and have you cracked the code on how to live your own life  yet?

What is available in experiencing this online course for our first pilot participants?

  • Uncovering the origins of why you may be addicted to approval
  • Discovering how and why you got conditioned to maintain certain conditions in life at all costs.
  • Understanding why you may be skipping your own life and how to break that cycle.

The ultimate goal we had in designing an online course was to give as many people a simplified but no less potent and experiential path through the Sense of Self Method; that restores a Sense of Self to full awareness and vitality.

The course serves as a primer to the forthcoming book  on the “Sense of Self Theory and Method: Healthy Sense of Self, How to Be True to Yourself and Make Your World a Better Place!”  We anticipate a September publication date.

Each of the pilot lessons was thoughtfully designed to take only a little time each week,  but participants can opt to spend more time and go as deep as they want. We know people are busy, but we also know that people make time for important things!

We are already hearing how thought-provoking the material is and that is encouraging!

Each lesson includes:

  • A main message
  • A short explanation
  • A Video (with transcription)
  • Selected readings
  • Several Key Terms
  • A relevant activity based on one of the Twelve Steps for Restoring your Sense of Self
  • A choice of writing prompts (thoughts to write about)
  • Story/illustration designed as an example you can relate to and learn from Some recommended action steps
  • The promised benefits
  • An affirmation to focus on
  • Course materials and resources are provided in links to documents you can download for your use offline.

This online series was designed to take with you as you go about your daily living.

Why did we design the pilot online course as we did?

The “rationale” is that with a bit of constant and gentle immersion as SoS concepts are introduced, participants will become more aware and catch themselves in auto-pilot or their default modes.

We are grateful to those who agreed to “test” the pilot with our team and help us make the material for the rest of the series that much more effective–with feedback we can incorporate.

If you missed out on the chance to be part of the first pilot and would like to be on the list for the next pilot offering, please drop us an email at and also subscribe to receive our occasional newsletter. If there is someone you know who might be a candidate, let them know about this blog post and thanks for following this work that we are passionate about.

In addition to the book, by September the first full online series of 12 lessons based on the book, will be alive and open for HySoS members to enroll in and include a community forum for sharing!

We know this much: Healing and Restoring begins with Awareness!


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