Why do we do what we do? Whose life is it anyway?

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“Do You Have What It Takes to BE YOURSELF?”  We are launching a 3-week pilot of a self-study course on the Sense of Self Method. This pilot is a complimentary opportunity for a dozen “curious friends of Sense of Self” to experience the material and give us candid feedback. Interested?

As always we welcome your questions. Please let us know how we can be of service to you—that can be YOUR way of contributing to the development of a Healthy Sense of Self that assures that you live the life intended for you: Yours!

Want to know more about the benefits to your Sense of Self that await you in this 3-week “Treasure Hunt”?  Drop us an email at contact@healthysenseofself.com AND while you are at it, listen to Antoinetta’s interview with Sam Krause:


Why do we do what we do? Whose life is it anyway?

That is the question now isn’t it?

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