Wow PoW (= Pearl of Wisdom to wow about))

How unfair it is sometimes: as a toddler and child we are looking in the mirror our parents hold up for us. We like to see the reflection of this cherished and adored little boy or girl in it and we go out of our way to realize that image. Especially when we depend on our parents approval because we take it for their acknowledgment of us as real and normal person. But what if the mirror is a fun-house mirror and gives a distorted mirror image back no matter what?

Ever considered that we might have been bending over backwards to get a reasonable reflection of ourselves when we were unaware that it was the mirror that was crooked. In the process we might have caused ourselves to have become quite neurotic about certain aspects of ourselves that never seemed to match the desired reflection in that mirror. And now, after so many years of bending over backwards we need to find a way to “just be ourselves.” It is a daunting task.
Let us be patient with ourselves but persevere – freedom awaits.

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