Become Self-Confident and Independent.
Live Your Authentic Self.

When you’re not feeling like yourself — depressed, anxious, losing sleep — any number of symptoms may prevent you from living a fulfilling life.

You may be experiencing divorce, an empty nest, or kids moving back in. You’re being pulled in multiple directions, further away from who you are and what you need to thrive. The Sense of Self Method is a practical approach to introspection, reflection, and resolution.

Heal Yourself with the Gentle Counsel of One Who has been There.

As you get to know Antoinetta Vogels’ method, you’ll learn how she solved her own mysterious and severe insomnia that lasted 25 years. You’ll start to understand how it can be used to help you successfully manage the relationship with Your Self as well as with others and solve your own physical, emotional, psychological, and social issues.

You’ll learn to peel back the layers of your psyche to:

  • Grow as an independent, authentic person who doesn't need to rely on others for happiness.
  • Stop seeking approval as a measure of your self-worth.
  • Come face-to-face with who you really are and what you want to achieve in your lifetime.

Imagine Your Transformation

reduce your stress

Sleep Soundly

Being confident and staying true to yourself reduces your stress level, fear, and worry. No matter what happens, you'll get a good night’s sleep so you can face your life head-on.

emotional stability

Achieve Clarity & Focus

Define what success means to you, so you can move beyond approval-seeking habits and achieve your personal and professional goals.

greater self-confidence

Be the Star in Your Universe

Build self-confidence and recover a sense of self-worth that leads to being a creative, unique, and independent person.

best version of yourself

Be True to Yourself

As you achieve deeper self-awareness, you’ll come to rely on yourself and your ability to change your behaviors to overcome self-sabotage and self-destructive habits.

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Experience true freedom of self-expression to make space for contentment, happiness, peace, and fulfillment.

“Antoinetta Vogels' gentle counsel on how to restore one’s sense of self (a healthy, vibrant Self!) continues to empower me to be a more peaceful and accepting person. She has made sense of more chaotic moments for me with humor and compassion, and I am truly grateful to work with her.”

-- D., Founder of Authentic Writing Provokes


Hi, I'm Antoinetta

Antoinetta Vogels has transformed many lives through her books and online course. Dozens of life coaches use her method as a foundation for working with their own clients.