Will your children have a strong Sense of Self ?

What does your vision for personal success look like?

How strong is your Sense of Self ?

Here's Your Sense of Self Guide to True Happiness

Cultivate a healthy sense of self-worth and start living life your way!

Are you ready to wake up feeling energized and happy to start each day? The Sense of Self (SoS) Method will help you understand your past so you can live a fulfilled life now.

True happiness is within reach.

When you love your Self, you love your life.

Benefits of a Healthy Sense of Self

reduce your stress

Less Stress & Anxiety
Reduce your stress level, fear, and worry by staying true to your Self.

more clarity and focus

More Clarity & Focus
Grow beyond approval-seeking habits, set your goals with intent, and define your own success.

greater self-confidence

Greater Self-confidence
Build self-worth and recover the confidence that comes with being a creative, independent person: your true Self!

emotional stability

Emotional Intelligence
Overcome self-sabotage and self-destructive habits as you begin relying on your Self for guidance. Devote your time, energy, and resources to the things you truly want in your life.

grow your wealth

Financial Freedom 
Find out what’s keeping you from developing your career so you can grow your wealth and reach your personal and professional dreams. Start living the lifestyle you deserve!

best version of yourself

Deeper Self-awareness 
Recognize how your subconscious mind impacts the decisions you make. Learn what you can do to change your behavior and thinking to become the best version of yourself.

Let personal transformation begin!

How healthy is your Sense of Self right now?



I’m Antoinetta Vogels. Writer, musician, and founder of the Healthy Sense of Self Method dedicated to helping you become the unique person you were meant to be, your authentic Self.

Having a healthy Sense of Self is the foundation for living an authentic life. Live the way you want . . . as the person you truly are.

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