The Guided Journal To A Healthy Sense Of Self


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Discover the Freedom, Joy, Sense of Purpose, and Peace of Mind That Comes with Having a Healthy Sense of Self!

Have you experienced moments in which you feel as though your life is falling apart?
Do you struggle with constant anxiety, worry, and/or obsesses about with what others think of you?
Do you feel a lack of purpose?

If so, you’re not alone. We live in a day and age where now more than ever tension, stress, anxiety, and disease are incredibly prevalent. Living in a state of confusion, worry, chaos, and addiction seems to be the norm in our fast-paced society.

Many of us are worried about our futures, our loved ones, and things like addiction, anxiety, and stress related illnesses are on the rise. You may have wondered: “If only there were a simple, natural solution to these problems so many of us are facing…"

Luckily, there is.

The solution lies within having a Healthy Sense of Self.

What is a Healthy Sense of Self?

A Healthy Sense of Self refers to the ability to experience and be present to your own person and your own life and recognize both as uniquely owned by YOU.

It means living free from the opinions and expectations of others, and experiencing an unparalleled peace of mind, confidence, and greater life satisfaction as a result.



Antoinetta Vogels, author of The Motivation Cure and founder of HEALTHY SENSE OF SELF, has created a guided journal to a Healthy Sense of Self to help reveal to us the answer to the questions around why we do what we do. Her guidance results in a greater understanding of ourselves . . . equipping us with the ability to act and behave consciously rather than without awareness of our actions and their consequences.

In the journal, Antoinette guides you through simple mental exercises and mindful activities, which are designed to coach you in becoming your happiest, healthiest Self; resulting in a more peaceful collective consciousness: community, nation, and world.

  • If you're ready for enhanced peace of mind, confidence, greater life satisfaction, and clear purpose in this lifetime …
  • If you’re ready to finally break free from the opinions of others and step into living your truest, most authentic life …
  • If you long to break free from addictions, unhealthy habits, and limiting mental blockages that have held you back …

A Guided Journal to a Healthy Sense of Self is for you!


Antoinetta Vogels, founder and CEO of HEALTHYSENSEOFSELF, LLC is a former member of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and mother of two. Suffering from chronic insomnia, she recorded her thoughts and emotional processes, for over a period of 20 years, to understand her inner workings. Connecting the dots of her findings led her to become a happier and productive person and create the Sense of Self Method.  Antoinetta strongly believes that each person has the right to be who he or she is. Living an authentic life leads to good health, happiness, and success. It enhances peace in your family and community which, in the end, creates a better world.