Christina Topacio’s Response to Body Shaming Texts is the Best Thing Ever

Christina Topacio

When marketing director and fashion blogger Christina Topacio received texts from a person she never met before telling her she needs to lose weight, she did the best thing ever.

The texter told the Topacio that “…its nothing that you don’t already know. And I’m positive you’ve already thought about it. And I’m only telling you this because I want it to effect change. You need to … lose weight. It kills me.”

So, she shared his texts with the whole wide web.

Topacio retweeted images of the body shaming messages to her thousands of followers which you can see in this Huffington Post article. (Disclaimer: mild foul language in the tweets.)

After telling the unwarranted advice-giver to “have a good one,” Topacio sent him a picture of her self eating Chipotle, which, might we add, looks absolutely delicious and calorie-rich. Pass the extra queso and guac, please.

Her answer to the hate spewed out by this guy are a beautiful testament to loving one’s own body, despite what anyone else might think about it. Topacio’s response to the whole situation is both graceful and educational.

“My goal is to encourage girls to not only brush it off, despite how hurtful it is, and to laugh it away,” she said in the HuffPo article. “I want women to feel empowered to stand up for themselves, own who they are and understand that someone else’s opinion has no relation to them being an amazing person.”

The blogger has sense gotten all kinds of well-deserved interwebs love for standing up for herself and her body, and the amazing #NachoBody has been created following the event.

One word: LOVE.

We would like to personally thank and applaud you, Ms. Topacio, for this amazing stand you took and for being a great example of what it means to truly love your own Self. We sincerely hope that this trend continues to grow in popularity with women and men all over the world.

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