Criminal Behavior


Coping with crime through a Healthy Sense of Self

I believe in people. I believe that people mostly try to do the right thing. Circumstances at times though seem beyond our control and it feels as if they do not cooperate with our good intentions and in these instances people may become upset or desperate.

I can think of many scenarios where people are challenged in an unreal way by others, fate or their own condition. There are a million more scenarios that I can’t even begin to imagine that would justify getting upset. And by no means am I stating here that my Method can totally solve the issue of crime in our society. But if we could lower the overall crime rate by even a little, it would be worthwhile. So on this website I shed a new light on this subject matter based on my HEALTHYSENSEOFSELF-method.

Please bear with me and imagine how a great number of crimes, big and small could be avoided when people are in touch with ‘who they really are’ and have a Healthy Sense of Self. One part of the world of crime is very closely tied to anger. Living an unauthentic life is frustrating and exhausting and implies a high level of repressed anger. Sometimes it only takes a little hole in the system for that anger to break through and, due to the high pressure of the long kept-in emotion its power is unstoppable. Then damage is easily done and the regret one feels can be haunting for a life time.

Anger-based crime is what I want to address. It has many faces, from discontent members of society to frustrated lovers, from children that are desperate to those whose immediate goal is not the crime but to draw attention to themselves.

Sadly, there have been terrible mass-killings of innocent people that were pre-determined in the mind of a teenager and college students thought to be a relatively perfectly normal person at school and at home. The Columbine School Massacre remains a terrible tragedy as does the Florida School Board Shooting) I strongly believe that a number of these situations could be prevented from happening had we been in touch with ourselves and taught our children how to be themselves as well both at home and in the schools.  Or maybe I should say ALLOW them to be themselves as well, because too often we, adults, are so caught up in our own lives and letting our own needs prevail. That makes our kids merely pawns in our own emotional games Is it a wonder that they have unresolved anger? As parents we need to take care of our children and teach them how to communicate when they are suffering, before anger turns to violence and harm is done to one’s self or others. But what happens in stead is that these kids are given anti-depressants. The whole system seems adamant to cover up the fundamental mistake many adults make of lacking to take responsibility for their own behavior.

It is time to put an end to this lack of balance in ourselves and in education. Everybody has the right to be who he or she is. “Educare” is Latin for “to draw out”. That is what parents, teachers and clergy need to do. They need to be there to help “draw out of our kids” what their possibilities are, what their talents are. We should help them to become self-actualized instead imposing our own will on them. Not on kids and not on old folks alike. With awareness and commitment there is a lot we can improve in the world by not thwarting other people’s essence. Thwarting a person’s expression of themselves because it doesn’t serve our needs, because what they do doesn’t cooperate with our own plans (or dependencies). It causes suffering and generates rage that then is repressed. Let us create opportunities in detentions centers and youth counseling centers and give people back their sense of worthiness and cultivate a Healthy Sense of Self.

I so hope to be able to attract with my message those who do want to be educated and gain insight in themselves because they know they need it. I would like to reach out to all the people, young and old, who wonder why “they did it,” or “might do it.” As you read about this Method, you will come to see that there are quite a number of people who have a lack of Sense of Self. The difficult part is that having a lack of Sense of Self, doesn’t show itself on a droopy morning so you can say: “Hey, I think I have a lack of Sense of Self. Let me do something about it.” And it isn’t visible to others either. We do not know what we do not know.

But when you are one of these people, your thought and feeling processes are always geared towards compensating for that lack. In your mind there maybe goals that you feel you absolutely need to reach and often times your daily circumstances do not cooperate. In desperate times we take desperate measures ….. that is where crime can come into the game.

I hope also that the counseling and legal authorities will consider my Method so they can effectively contribute to improving society by giving people access to their own sense of being. There have always been crooks and thieves and other criminals, but not all of them are bad people. Just “putting them away” in an environment worse their own, doesn’t open possibilities for them. They need to be educated and believed in. They need to get a face and a voice in their home environment. I know there always is the excuse that there are no funds for this work. That is why we need to rely on people’s own responsibility. People need to take responsibility for their own health in the modern day and age because there is no money to pay all the medications and consults. People also need to take responsibility for their own behavior and be educated to do that. We can do it!

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