Quiz Result: Emerging Sense of Self

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Emerging Sense of Self

From your answers to this quiz, it appears that you have an emerging sense of Self. Congratulations! You are close to having a complete view of who you are and what you want. Although you sometimes struggle with wanting to please others, you mostly live for yourself. You know what it feels like to be down sometimes, but you don’t dwell permanently in depression. Stress and negativity might pop up once in a while, but you keep treading water, and you’ve got it all together.

Or do you?

There is still a part of you that isn’t complete. A part of you that doesn’t feel whole, content and satisfied with your life and who you are. You are so close to experiencing the everlasting happiness that you can sometimes feel it . . . but then it fades. Not being one to give up easily you keep going with a positive attitude. Not fully knowing how to “get there.”

When someone like you reads our book or takes our course, they very quickly realize where the small adjustments in thinking and patterning need to be made to shift from an emerging sense of Self to a healthy sense of Self. You’re so close - you probably don’t even realize how close you are. But if you could get any closer on your own, you likely wouldn’t be here, taking a quiz about how strong your sense of Self is!

The Sense of Self Method is precisely what you need to get you through the homestretch and across the finish line. Not only can you experience lasting happiness, peace and fulfillment. You can take your relationships with others to a whole new level. Experiencing deep, pure love for friends and family. Get that promotion you’ve always wanted at work. Be a better parent.

Your health and well-being are priceless. It’s the most important thing you can do for yourself. We are confident that this program can help you develop a healthy sense of Self. The investment in yourself is risk-free. If you do the program in 30 days and feel as though it didn’t help you, please ask us for a refund. Full money back guarantee.

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Register today for the Sense of Self Course and all the bonuses that come with it.

The online course (based on the Sense of Self Theory and Method) was specifically designed to be a DIY learning experience that gradually reveals what is going on beneath the surface of your thoughts and actions. Think of it as an exercise in peeling back the layers of your "personal onion." It guides you through a process that allows you to first understand, then choose to reset yourself, restore a Sense of Self, and choose new behavior strategies that bring you more peace of mind. You'll understand what MOTIVATES you better and more clearly. We also provide support through email.

We want people to be living a life of their choosing because they understand when and where and how they got addicted to needing approval to feel good about themselves.

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So, you took the quiz and know how you scored. Now what? Are you ready to improve your quality of life?

What are the Benefits of a Restored Sense of Self?

Here are some of the issues we’ve found the Healthy Sense of Self Method have helped people with.


  • Decreased substance abuse; healthier habits
  • Less compulsiveness
  • Higher self-esteem


  • Better overall health
  • More fulfillment
  • Fewer feelings of loneliness

Anxiety and Depression:

  • Fewer panic attacks
  • Feel better, think clearer, feel more alive and engaged
  • Increased joy of living, happiness, success
  • More self-accepting, and accepting of others


  • Fall asleep faster
  • Sleep better
  • More vibrant
  • More Energy
  • More integrated in society


  • More patience
  • Better child rearing
  • Fewer rages and family upsets
  • More respect for your children and from your children


  • Better chance to find love and friendship
  • Easier interactions in both social and professional settings
  • Less controlling of others and of situations
  • More compassion, empathy, and tolerance; less hostility
  • Better companionship
  • Lower divorce rate

How can you build and maintain Self-awareness?

Enroll Today in the Sense-of-Self Help Online Course

The Sense-of-Self Help online course offers a DIY holistic nine-week process based on the Sense of Self Theory and Method. The course is based on the belief that many symptoms of human suffering are rooted in a Lack of Sense of Self. Symptoms of a Lack of Sense of Self can show up in your physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as in various (dysfunctional) social and societal aspects of your life.

This course addresses the child in every person. It hopes to shed a light on how your development into a healthy, fully functioning adult can be hindered during childhood. The Method is holistic (integrated) in the sense that it talks about the mind, emotions, and body as mutually interactive and interdependent.

The Sense-of-Self Help Online Course is not an abstract exercise; it was designed to be interactive, and yes, it will be challenging at times.

Most importantly, it aims at improving your quality of life. If you are drawn to take this course know that it was designed specifically:

  1. to help you recognize whether you rely on a Substitute Sense of Self for your self-experience
  2. to find the cause of why and how this happened
  3. to have you accept and face your condition based on these insights
  4. to eliminate the power your unhealthy past has on your present
  5. to ultimately replace your Substitute Sense of Self with a Restored Sense of Self 

So what exactly are we talking about when we refer to a Sense of Self?

  • Sense of Self is defined as a conscious and/or subconscious awareness of being your own person. “I” is not just a word; it is filled with meaning. “Self” always exists in every person but some are more aware of their “I” than others. Depending on what happens or not(!) in childhood, this Sense of Self can be fully developed or left underdeveloped, in which case a person tends to develop an unhealthy substitute in order to experience some form of self, which becomes the root cause of great suffering.
  • Healthy Sense of Self is defined as the ability to recognize your authentic Self as your “I” and fully identify with—as the “I-who-experiences”—your own body, mind, and emotions with your own life in such a way that you don’t feel there is a separation between any of these aspects that form your Self.
  • Lack of Sense of Self is defined as the absence of a naturally developed, ongoing inner knowing that “I” exist, as myself, independently of anyone’s opinion of me. A Lack of Sense of Self inevitably leads to attempted compensation through the development of an unhealthy (false) Sense of Self, because human beings require some kind of Self-experience to function in the world.
  • Substitute Sense of Self is defined as a fleeting moment of “Feeling-good-about-self” that fills in the hole left by a Lack of Sense of Self, and functions as a placeholder for the real “I” experience. This system starts to develop from early childhood on when caregivers do not relate to the child as an autonomous individual but rather as an extension of themselves. Being dependent on a Substitute Sense of Self for your self-experience comes down to being the slave of a compulsive drive to “Feel-good-about-self” through achievement-based approval.
  • Restored Sense of Self™ is defined as an awareness and inner knowing of who and what you are, developed as a result of HEALTHYSENSEOFSELF’s healing method. It is a steady awareness of existing as a human being, separate from the primary caregiver and not dependent on the outcome of achievements and fulfilling conditions for the approval from others. A Restored Sense of Self functions as a healthy psycho-emotional backbone and reference point in your life, an inner home of freedom and self-love. It is initially the result of a conscious effort (reconditioning), but overtime it becomes internalized and subconscious.

Are You Ready to Say YES to…

  • More self-confidence
  • Overall higher quality of life
  • Comfortable with facing your Self; more self-accepting
  • Ability to self-realize and live life to the fullest
  • Better equipped to deal with criticism – less over-reactive
  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin
  • Comfortable being in most crowds
  • Comfortable being by your self
  • Know what you want
  • Better flow in your life
  • Better aligned with your blueprint