Here are some of the issues we've found the Healthy Sense of Self Method have helped people.   See if any of them sound familiar to you.


  • More patience
  • Better child rearing
  • Fewer rages and family upsets
  • More respect for children
  • Increased learning abilities for your children


  • Better chance to find, give and receive love
  • Less controlling of others and of situations
  • More compassion, empathy, tolerance; less hostility
  • Better social skills (friends – family – work-floor)
  • Better communication skills
  • Lower divorce rate

Senior Citizens (Our parents as they grow older, ourselves as we grow older!)

  • Better overall health
  • Possibly less susceptible to specific old-age disease: Alzheimer, Dementia
  • More fulfillment

Self Help

  • Less stress
  • A more relaxed nervous system
  • A better functioning digestive system
  • No “self-sabotage”
  • Fewer to no (eye-)migraines

Sleeping Difficulties

  • Sleep better
  • Overall better shape
  • More vibrant and active
  • More integrated in society

Anxiety and Despair

  • Less panic attacks
  • Less depression: feel better, think clearer, feel more alive and engaged
  • No suicidal thoughts or acts: more joy of living, happiness, success
  • More self-accepting, which leads to accepting others

Addictive Behaviors

  • Less substance abuse; healthier habits
  • Fewer addictive behaviors; more moderation (shopping, sex, internet, TV, gambling, food etc.)
  • Less compulsiveness
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Better companion

Violent Behaviors

  • Less uncontrollable behavior (e.g. temper tantrums)
  • Less violence and verbal abuse
  • Less war
  • More responsible behavior

Criminal Behavior

  • More common sense – more realistic – more “real”
  • A better balance of head and heart - genuine and integrated feelings
  • Better insight in society’s functioning
  • Fewer issues with money

Performing Artists

  • More comfortable with self-expression
  • Decreased fear of failure (stage fright)

Society, Community, World

  • More compassion and empathy
  • Sense of your own limitations, boundaries, potential and talents
  • More likely to have a clear preference, taste, opinion and standing up for it

General Health and Well Being

  • Overall health
  • Less motion sickness
  • Less prone to accidents that are due to lack of focus and erratic behavior
  • Less eye-strain
  • More inner peace

Success in Professions & Business

  • More success in business and other creative endeavors (Direct Motivation)
  • Less prone to (professional!) injuries (musicians!) due to more relaxed muscles
  • More likely to achieve any goal (Direct Motivation)
  • Stronger ability to focus
  • Better equipped for team-work
  • More capabilities to commit


  • More self-confidence
  • Overall higher quality of life
  • Comfortable with facing your Self; more self-accepting
  • Ability to self-realize and live life to the fullest
  • Better equipped to deal with criticism – less over-reactive
  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin
  • Comfortable being in most crowds
  • Comfortable being by your self
  • Know what you want
  • Better flow in your life
  • Better aligned with your blueprint