Serena Williams’ Body Shamers Should Just Stop.

Hold the phones– the New York Times may have just body-shamed Serena Williams.

An article published on July 10th on Times begins by quoting the tennis star (who just won her 6th Wimbledon title) not on her past wins or how she’s managed to achieved such incredible success over the years, but instead on how she hides her “mold-breaking muscular arms” while out in public.

Seriously, though?

The article, titled “Tennis’s Top Women Balance Body Image with Ambition” includes quotes from various tennis stars which make clear (as if we needed clarification) that psyches like Williams’ aren’t the norm in the tennis world–or anywhere else on planet Earth for that matter.

The purpose of the article clearly can’t be to inform, ’cause, uh, we already knew that.

So what is the point, NYT?

The woman with one of the most powerful bodies in the country and possibly the world has gotten body shamed countless times. Where exactly does that leave the rest of us?

For example, just in the past few days William’s received shade from Twitter trolls.

However, in a pretty awesome twist to the story and in true Christina Topacio style, JK Rowling stepped in to shut down the negativity.

Thank you, Ms. Rowling.

Shamers: we rest our case.

In the meantime, William’s and her 21 Grand Slams aren’t worried about the haters either. In fact, she embraces them: check out more photos of her body looking absolutely gorgeous and her shout out to her haters on Instagram here.

You go, girl!

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