Dare to see yourself naked!

Here is a real good way to make Firepole Marketing work for you: Dare to see yourself naked!

How do you (honestly) feel about marketing? Love it? Hate it? Undecided? Let’s discuss it awhile and stay open minded for the duration of this writing. Please.

If I were to say that “how you feel about marketing” and “being naked in front of your mirror” had something in common, would you understand me? Or deny that they were related?

New and better marketing strategies are showing up like bright new shiny pennies in the monetary flow but sometimes I feel people are just taking advantage of the change in the economy–at my expense. Yet I have decided that I need to know and learn about what they say to not risk missing an opportunity. So I plough through the new material with sweaty hands and a pounding heart (because I know I should be spending my time on creating my product) to learn how to find that ideal customer right away!

And when does it ever stop? How do we distinguish what is relevant before spending our time and money on it?

Engaging in Firepole Marketing is a great step. HERE is how you can learn about their strategy: Read the NakedMarketingManifesto  which will be published on May 28th 2012, so coming up soon.

And HERE is what you can do that makes a crucial difference to many marketing strategies–provided they are good enough. You must not shy away from being naked in front of your mirror and look yourself in the eyes.

Do you truly know yourself? Are you willing and able to identify your ideal client and say NO to the rest (and refer them to another)? Most of us are not.

Do you know what you are all about? Is your motivation to develop this particular business of yours truly because it is your passion? Or do you possibly have a Hidden Agenda for doing what you do and wanting what you want? If the energy you spend on reaching your goals is spread thin (because most of it is used to fill your personal void) you are bound to be a loser.

When you have a healthy sense of self your energy goes very effectively into what you aim for. Even the hard times are more rewarding when it is part of who you really are.

So often we have forgotten our ability to listen to our own inner voices, own values and criteria, desires etc.

When we have a healthy sense of self we do not need anything from the outcome of our achievements. But with a lack of sense of self there is only a settling for mediocrity–as we cast that wide net to catch as many fish as we possibly can. We rationalize that business is a game of numbers anyway and say this approach is what we will do only for so long—as a way of negotiating with ourselves.

Denying your true self eventually catches up with you. It can be in the form of stress and worry, health problems or working harder than you need to —and feel like it was only because of a faux pas that something didn’t materialize. People who are clear about being true to themselves get more done as they even wish. The rest of us agonize and procrastinate and deliberate—attempting to dress the part and play the role that another says is the way to win.

Enough! Just try to be Naked to yourself for a while and see what changes.

Take a few weeks to sit with yourself before making important decisions. The Sense of Self method we work with in HEALTHYSENSEOFSELF LLC sheds a light on something unheard of. People and even therapists keep telling you that you must connect to your Self and be Your Self but what if you have no clue where to find that self, what it looks like, how it feels?

HEALTHYSENSEOFSELF tells you what to do: first we have to admit that it might apply to us and that whatever we undertake is just to fill a big Black Hole that sits where our Self is supposed to sit. And then this Sense of Self Method hands you the tools to Restore Your Sense of Self. Because only with a Healthy Sense of Self can we truly be ourselves and that is an absolute must if we want to be successful not only in business but in all areas of life.

So in order to be successful with your business, with the Marketing Strategies you choose you need to be in touch with who you truly are and have the skills to manifest that. Now if you were not born into a family where parents let you be yourself all the time (and who is?), then you have some work to do to get “real” with what stops you from being true to yourself. Restoring a sense of self becomes the first step to even being able to choose a marketing plan you can and will commit to and make work for you.

It is only by being yourself and by really being connected to your business that you can pinpoint that one (naked) customer that is going to be your target. It will be an exciting and energizing experience to find that one person you feel that connection with and to whom your products appeal to. Naked Marketing is about determining what lights you up and it is that which attracts your ideal customers.

So what happens once you have Restored your Sense of Self™ as you go about marketing to the person you’d like to see naked? There is going to be a natural resonance between your chosen target customer and your company. And we guarantee you that you will feel less lost in the marketing jungle because you will be able to listen to your intuition and common sense.

In short the “white noise of your existence” has disappeared and your emotions are under control and crystal clear. You make the right decisions with ease and you know it!

And who am I who cares so much? I am Antoinetta Vogels, author of the Sense of Self method and founder of the Company  HEALTHYSENSEOFSELF LLC . We help you reclaim your Sense of Self so that all your choices work out better for you and there is more peace both inside of you and for those you work with.

My message to you: take the time to get to know your True Self and what matters most to you in life. By being yourself you have all your energy available to focus on your goals and in the process you contribute to a better world!

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  1. Aliceann Christy on May 28, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Thank you Antoinetta for an excellent message regarding the importance of being “naked” in our approach to marketing. A healthy sense of self is a prerequisite to relating to others in an affirming manner that elicits trust. No hidden agendas, no casting out the nets to see what we bring in. The willingness to be naked encourages others to be open (naked) and relate on a level where you can give freely and meaningfully with your own product/service or connect to others who can meet the customer’s need. Healthy trusting relationships are based on people who have a healthy sense of self and that is what great marketing is all about trusting relationships.

  2. Deborah Drake - Authentic Writing Provokes on May 28, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    I’m rather enthusiastic about the notions expressed in this post, as well as the metaphor that is central to the Naked Marketing Manifesto. If only more people took time to come to terms first with themselves and then their work and how they do it and how they message what they do.

    I imagine it is POSSIBLE to be ourselves in life and in business (specifically) and that as connected as we are globally by technology and tools and gadgets and apps, at the end of the day it start with being in touch with:

    1. ourselves
    2. our inner circle of associates
    3. whom we are to meet from there

    And on a humorous note, as for identifying that ideal person I’d like to see “naked” and talk to about who I am…I’m open to practice with others a while as I may build up the courage to be myself with the chosen ones.

    Seriously, clever as Naked Marketing Manifesto is, its CORE message is one I can fully stand behind or in front of (clothing optional)…

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