Who Am I?

” Who am I?” is the most important question you can pose about the most important project you have going on. How come it is not THE subject of the day?

We speak about politics, sports and celebrities but do not wonder about what we are all about.

We ponder about how to make more money, what to eat and what to wear but do not take the time to ask ourselves if we are what we were meant to be.

We complain about our health, our resources and our opportunities but seem to miss the fact that we have the disposition of a body whose abilities we could use to create our dream existence.

We think of building a monetary monopoly, an internet empire or a gigantic radius of influence but never get to wondering about the essence of our existence.

Then there is the anxiety that we won’t be able to live up to all these expectations. Who are we without them? That question now no longer can be put off. We have worked so hard and invested so much in our projects.

Who are we though, in the end, if we didn’t invest in ourselves? Everything is doomed to be subject to growth and decline;  when you actively work on it, a Sense of Self though is one of the very few things that keeps growing.

You can do it while working and walking, while lying down in your bed or in the sun. It is time best spent as the results never go to waste. Consider yourself your most precious start-up and work on finding out how you can make it in the world, explore how to exploit your little company!

Self love is the absolute ultimate tool that makes you successful in so many other endeavors, because when you already love yourself you can dedicate all your energy to the specifics that your project requires. You work with joy and are not dependent on the outcome. Creativity is flowing as there are no blocks in its way.

You could say “You are out of your own way” and your project is about your project and not about YOU at all.

That is where the effort becomes effortless and the creation is not hindered. Inspiration can find its way in into your mind. Your work is blessed.

Suicidal thoughts are the result of the absence of all of the above. When nothing you do seems to work, or everything you try crumbles. The people in your life, who have been your reason for living, vanish from your life. If you are not your own reason for living that is where you are dependent on others; but you cannot control them. Investing in your Sense of Self is therefore a very secure investment with a high pay off: true independence.

You have to be your own best-friend, as nobody is as close to you as you are.

How come then that we do not spend time on it?

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