Thought of the Day: How people react to being called beautiful

How might you react to being called beautiful?

How might our lives be different if we learned from the time we were small to see and sense ourselves as beautiful and worthy from the beginning? Our parents, teachers, and mentors all in cahoots to assure that we developed a Healthy Sense of Self. Capable of coping with all  life’s challenges. Capable of celebrating our successes and learning from our losses.

#selfesteem #beautiful #healthysenseofself

Beautiful in our authenticity and resilience. Grounded in the foundation of our naturally developed healthy Sense of Self.


Check out Chicago student, Shea Glover’s inspired indie project that is still trending as of today…for wonderfully positive reasons.



Give yourself a gift this season; the gift of self-support. Our Online Course is a gently structured 9-week journey that will guide you in reclaiming #selfesteem and your Real Sense of Self which will then always know that #yourlifematters. (Use the code “course-special” for extra special pricing.)


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