Watch this TED Talk: Sir Ken Robinson has 20 millions views for good reason…

I’ve gotten into the habit of starting my writing hours and work day with a TED Talk. I pick intuitively, and today’s selection was added to my list of favorites. Why had I not seen this before?

On the eve of our Book Launch and Reception at the Umpqua Bank in Bellevue at 6pm, today’s “find” was perfect for a variety of reasons, including the idea that when one is supported to cultivate a Real and Authentic Self  how could they not become a fully self-expressed creative force in the life they ultimately choose to live? How could they not?

Dear Sir Ken Robinson, I tried to pick a single quote to feature in this post, but I couldn’t choose “just” one. So I  listened again and looked about for the perfect Sir Ken Robinson quote and I offer this, for our work at Healthy Sense of Self is about championing that every person “born” have a strong and fully-expressed Sense of Self ; that there is both more peace and creativity within us individually and in the world.

Thank you for you being YOU and how you do what you do! What you call the Element, I see as akin to and born of a Healthy Sense of Self.

“The Element is about discovering your self, and you can’t do this if you’re trapped in a compulsion to conform. You can’t be yourself in a swarm.”
― Ken RobinsonThe Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

Reader, I invite you to watch and listen to this TED Talk and pick your own favorite kernel of brilliance, humor, candor, passion and let me know in the comments, “What struck a chord with you?”

There is so much more I could say about why this TED Talk resonates with me, but I shall save that for another post all its own. I will say this though; the contribution we are in our lifetime DEPENDS on being true to our Self and discovering our Element. We all have much to give, empowered by a strong Sense of Self.

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