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Restoring a Sense of Self You’ll Feel the Heat!

Last week April 19 2016 was a record breaking day of heat. The first of two in a row. Seattle (where I reside) is known for rain, not heat! Morning news reported that the day as one of the hottest day on record since 1956. “What a metaphor for doing self-development work,” I thought. Imagine…

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A View from A Drawbridge’s: Body Signals

Editor’s Note: For more than a year now I have been following the daily postings of a Seattle Bridgetender whose blog The View From a Drawbridge  makes me ponder both sacred and mundane insights before starting my day. A bridgetender has a lot of time on their hands to consider the past, the present, and…

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Harbingers of health in the new year.

The new year may be still very new, and I am ready for Spring already. I search for the first flowers that break through the hard cold ground of winter each time I take a walk. Symbolically, crocuses and snow bells are harbingers of seasonal renewal for me. I remember fondly when I was young,…

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WHO is the Great Leader in your life?

When you’re not allowed to express anything in the open, you become good at reading what is unspoken. In one of their personal letters to me, a student wrote that he understood why I always called them gentlemen. It was because I was wishing them to be gentle in life, he said. ~ Suki Kim,…

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Note to Self: Please stop whispering. :)

  I follow a lot of online publications and bloggers for a whole variety of reasons. I follow some for education and others for entertainment.  I am a voracious reader as the writer I am.  Inspiration comes from both serious and funny perspectives. The Chive is one of them I follow for pleasure, but a lot…

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