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New Years Resolutions and NeuroGym

For the faithful reader, this little note: I am taking a step back from blog writing. There are more than 400 of them now, and many are ready for a new coat—a new, updated version. It’s not because I don’t want to write anymore, but because I need to use my available time more productively. And what I am going to do with that time can also be very beneficial for you, the reader.

NeuroGym – John Assaraf

I enrolled in an online course with John Assaraf, the CEO of NeuroGym. He represents the hottest trend rolling through cyberspace here in the US. It’s a science-based, ultimate reconditioning school. By actively convincing your subconscious mind that what you decided a long time ago is no longer applicable in your current life, you considerably increase your chances of success in the future.

John is a master in explaining how the brain works. Here is how it usually goes: we have good intentions, and after failing at one, we are even more determined to follow through with the next. We become enthusiastic and begin the process. But after a few weeks (about two, usually) our motivation fades. We even punish ourselves for not living up to our expectations, but did you know that something totally different is behind the loss of motivation? And I am discovering what that is.

Here is more of what I’ve already learned from John Assaraf: often times there is an invisible enemy at work inside us, which he compares to an insidious illness. That enemy is our own expectation set-point. Based on how we usually react to issues, whether we usually resolve them or not, our neurological system creates a type of blueprint, which becomes our comfort zone.

On the road to success—back to square one all the time!

The human mechanism is very good at avoiding pain and saving energy. This is what that means: what we know is easier to achieve than what is new to us. To do something that we’ve already mastered is easier than learning something new.

That is why we have a type of error-detector in our self-system. Every time we stray too far from our comfort zone, our bodies receive instructions to redirect: back to square one! That’s why we never rise above our own deeply rooted, usually rather negative self-perception. A neurological or biological trigger is fired and boom … we are back where we started. After a while, we get so tired that we abandon our wonderfully good intention: we quit.

Healthy Sense of Self blogs

I certainly don’t want to stop the promotion of Healthy Sense of Self, but I feel I’m working against the flow, my flow. I am going to take some time to inspect my own set-point and do some Neurogym. I have to free up that time somehow, so no more blogs for a while. If you want to read more about Healthy Sense of Self, you can find past blogs archived on the website (in English) and (in Dutch).

If you feel inclined to update or add your input to one or more of the old blogs or translate them into another language, please do so. Simply send an email with your request. You will help all those people who could use a Healthy Sense of Self.

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Healthy Sense of Self in the Ed Tyll Show

Starcom Radio Network features daily the Award Winning Show”Ed Tyll Show” on over 40 Local AM/FM Stations across America for a longtime, loyal national listening audience. The Show can also be heard at

On Monday, December 12th, (2016) I had the honor and joy to be interviewed by Ed Tyll on the occasion of my upcoming new book: the Motivation Cure, the secret to being your best Self!

It was truly a pleasure to discuss, with this seasoned interviewer, the notion that there seems to be a growing interest and awareness in the role motivation plays in people’s lives. It is slowly becoming common knowledge that having a healthy motivation, especially when raising your children or making important life choices, is of a decisive importance for the quality of the final result.

It was so soothing to find that Ed Tyll had a very positive and warm approach to the topic that is so close to my heart. During the interview he was able to emphasize even more the importance of the book going to be a “valuable contribution to the national dialogue on the issues that matter most to middle class folks in offices and on the road throughout the workday.”

If you are interested to hear the replay of it please click on the PLAY-button below. Thank you for your interest.

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The Motivation Cure- Upcoming Book

The Motivation Cure announces an important discovery:

creating more self-awareness is the solution to many life-problems and pains: failing marriages – war with your kids – domestic violence – insomnia – poor job performance – addiction and recovery -anxiety and depression and many more…

Your motivation is directly tied to the state of your Sense of Self

as well as the other way around:

Your Sense of Self is responsible for the nature of your motivation.

With a lack of Sense of Self, your motivation is unhealthy. Deep down inside you have a major quest that you have to solve which takes priority over everything else in your life. Your priority is then to find something to fill in that hole within your self, where your Sense of Self should have been. It can become your reason for living and leads to major stress and anxiety and to little, to no success.

In my book the Motivation Cure, I offer the Sense of Self Method as a tool to establish that closer connection with your Self. Don’t get me wrong: your Self is always there but many people are not able to sense their Self.

Learning to become more self-aware creates a stronger Sense of Self, which makes the reasons for WHY you do WHAT you do healthier, and your goals truly within reach. The ultimate objective is that your mental and emotional state is such that it supports you to live your life to the fullest.

The book will be available by February 2017. Sign up for our Newsletter if you want to stay informed.


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Coming soon: the Motivation Cure, a Method to Become Your Very Best Self!

To be expected by September 2016. This book is going to be the reference work for the coming years.
It is partly the 2nd edition of Healthy Sense of Self, How to be true to your Self and make your world a better place. But smoother, better organized and new insights incorporated.

Sign up to be notified when the book is available for pre-order for reduced price!

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Mark Your Calendars: Sam Krause to Interview Healthy Sense of Self Founder Antoinetta Vogels on Monday, April 22

Sam Krause's Krause Radio

Listen to Sam Krause April 22, 2013

Monday April 22nd 2015 1:00 PM EST (10  AM PST)  Healthy Sense of Self, Key to Better Relationships

Monday April 22nd 1 PM EST  Healthy Sense of Self or Nutrition Key to Better Relationships?
“A healthy Sense of Self is the backbone of the human psyche. Without it a person skips his/her own life all together.”
~Antoinetta Vogels

  • How is your relationship with yourself any given day?
  • What are the benefits of cultivating a Healthy Sense of Self?

A good life of your own (and a good night sleep no matter what!)  begins with having a true Sense of our Self; but how does one get it and keep it “healthy” for a lifetime?

Antoinetta Vogels is the Founder of HealthySenseOfSelf, and the Creator of the Sense of Self Method, a Self-help Program for people who want to get a good night’s sleep no matter what!  She also is the author of the soon to be published book Healthy Sense of Self- How to be true to your Self and make your world a better place!

Dr. Clive Pomeroy-Ward has been involved in nutrition for over 37 years and has developed a protocol that helps people sleep better the result of which is better health and longer life.

Join us when these two experts discuss general wellness, better health and sleep and, ultimately, longer life.

Please call in and ask Antoinetta and Dr. Clive the questions you need answered: (714) 202-9936

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Two Dutch Holistic Psychologists … PK2 Selfmanagement!

Paul Kortman and Peter Kemperman are Dutch Holistic Psychologists who have an active practice in the environment of The Hague in the Netherlands, where they guide their clients into Self-knowledge.

“Self-knowledge is a tool against dysfunction and disease” is what they stand for. In order to heal, a person needs to get insight and understanding of what goes on in their own organism. “What body, mind and psyche express is the result of the degree of integrity you are able to apply in manifesting your blueprint. In other words: how true are you being to your Self?”

“Next to the actual ailment or dysfunction our clients consult us for most people get extra’s when we coach them. There are unexpected positive side effects.” As an example Kortman and Kemperman quote the experience of a Manager in a Multinational who consulted them to improve his communication skills. After an intervention of 3 days he left the practice with not only an increased charisma during his presentations but within 3 months the chronic sinusitis that had been bothering him for years had disappeared.

Practicing Holistic Psychological is a recently emerging phenomenon. I am honored to link to my Blog and soon also to my website (english version under construction) the site of Paul Kortman and Peter Kemperman as practicing holistic psychologists. Although we have developed our knowledge and insights totally independently from each other it seems that we cover much of the same topics in much of the same way. This might be taken as a sign that our conclusions are relevant specifically for this day and age.

check them out at:


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