Does Social Media Determine Your Self-worth?

Why do you use social media?

Is social media only a place to connect with friends from the past, promote our new brands, or go on political rants? Do we use it to determine our self-worth, too?

Have you ever caught yourself allowing Facebook to be your source of fulfillment when you needed a little self-love?  Sure social media can be a fun thing, but whether or not you can experience it as a place of enjoyment depends on your Sense of Self.

The need to compare yourself with your peers may indicate a lack of self-appreciation.

The Similarities We Share

Most of us are born with a similar type of human body.  We all have a neck attached to our head and shoulders which are placed on our torso . . . with arms and legs.  Our hands and feet have 10 appendages that let us handle things and help us keep our balance.

Our Differences 

Now those are the similarities. Let’s talk about the differences too. Our bodies can potentially be very different from other people’s bodies . . . some of us need to eat a lot, others do not have that urge; some people sweat, or have greasy hair, while other always seem cool and collected.

Some of us have enough money to buy clothes whenever we want to; others use thrift stores to get their necessities and fend off the weather. Some have all the choices in the world at their disposal but are terrified to pick the wrong one.

They think less of themselves because they ought to be happy, and wonder why they’re not. Others have to work hard in a low-paying job or take care of their relatives who are ill or disabled. They don’t even have the time to think about themselves.

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Self-worth and the battle to feel good about yourself.

So, we all have similarities and differences, but most importantly, we have a Self. And we owe it to ourselves to sense and respect that Self.

The desire to feel good about yourself is healthy up to a point, but be aware: you should be able to do without it. If your “Feel-good” depends on the number of likes or retweets you get, you are missing that basic, healthy feel-good that should always be living inside you. Happiness is being content with what life brings . . . and that includes the body that was given to you and appreciating that it allows you to live in this world.

Ask yourself: Where was I before I was born? Where do I go when I die?

We can guess, but we truly have no idea, right? We don’t know anything about the beginning of our lives, nor do we know anything about the end. How can we be so sure we know what is best for our journey in between those two points?

Asking ourselves questions like Why does she have the perfect body and I am trapped in this box of problems? Why is he so short and I am so tall? are irrelevant. Why would you worry about what others think of you? It is what it is: YOU are YOU and he is he and she is she.

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What do others think of me?

The “others” are Facebook friends or Twitter followers, Pinterest buddies, or Instagram fans. But are they really friends? Do we even remember what real friends are?

The people who go through thick and thin with you and who are there not only to hear your success stories but also your complaints. They care about you because of who you are (maybe also a little because they happened to be around when you needed somebody to share your joys or sorrow).

Likes are a type of currency, issued by a commercial establishment.

People can drive each other crazy and influence each other on social media platforms. It must be incredibly difficult to remain true to your Self when all your friends do fun, cute, cool, crazy things on Facebook and you don’t.

What do you do with it? Think of something to impress them . . . or remain your Self? Do you allow others to judge you based on your online presence? Does social media have an impact on your self-esteem?

If you really want to keep this image in mind, take a moment right now to take an imaginary selfie of yourself feeling well-balanced, happy, radiating self-confidence . . .  Now evoke that image whenever you need to stay connected to the truth; your true, healthy sense of Self.

You only live once – make sure that you’re really living your life!


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